Monday, 25 January 2016

Trip to Mumbai for Paint India 2016

I consider this as rare opportunity to be presented at Paint India exhibition for 3 days i.e 21-Jan to 23-Jan 2016. I booked flight IndiGo up & down from Hyd-Mum-Hyd costs Rs. 5642. We (Me with Bosses) stayed at IBIS Hotel near Airport.

Living costs (i.e Food, Taxi fares, etc) are soar up in Mumbai compare to Hyderabad. 
384 Exhibitors from 21 Countries. 

3rd Payment Receipt from Google Adsense ($324.7)

Thanks to increase in dollar value these days, am able to earn few rupees more in 3rd pay. It took me 3 months to get $107.22 (Rs. 7042.41). I started using Adsense since 29th March 2014, from that day onward total amount received $324.7 i.e INR 20,416.14.

Check reports below: